Installing Purlem's Joomla Component

Download the Component


Click on the Zip button to download.


Install the Extension

In your Joomla Administration, select Extensions > Extensions Manager

Under Upload Package File, browse to the zip file downloaded in the previous step. Click Upload & Install.


Select the Install Button

If the component successfully installed, you will see a screen like below.  Select the Install button to continue.purlem_joomla_1

Step 1: Create A Purlem Account

If you don't already have a Purlem account, you will need to create one.

Step 2: Create Menu Item

You will need to create a menu item to define where the personalized page will be located within your joomla site.


Step 3: Create a Joomla Campaign

Select the Create a Joomla Campaign link in your Joomla Admin. 
Alternatively you can login to your Purlem dashboard and select Create New Campaign.

You will be taken to the Create a New Campaign page as seen below.  Give your campaign a Name, and paste in the URL copied from Step 2 into Site URL.

Ensure that the Joomla icon is selected and click Create Campaign!


Add a Contact

We recommend just adding a single contact for testing purposes. When the campaign setup is complete, you can upload multiple contacts


Add Variable Content & Form

After following the setup prompts, you will be taken to the Landing Page editor.  You can use the WYSIWYG editor as an easy way to pull in variable content to your wordpress page. You can use the form generator here to define the form that will be sent to your wordpress page. 


Copy the Client ID

The Client ID can be found under the Settings tab within your Purlem dashboard.


Add the Client ID and Page URL to Joomla's Settings

Return back to the Joomla admin.  Add the Client ID (copied from the previous step) and Page URL (copied from Page 2).

Select the Save & Close button to save your changes.


Visit the PURL

At this point your PURL should be live.  Visit your PURL by typing in your URL, followed by FirstName.LastName of the person added when you created the campaign.


See that your page is personalized to your visitor!
You can edit the content in Purlem's dashboard to pull in additional information personalized to the visitor, and use Purlem's Form Generator to create forms and questionnaires. 


Install Form Module (Optional)

If you would like, you can install Purlem's Form Module.  The Form Module will allow you to place the form within any position on the page.



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